Some time ago, people had their own blogs, and it was very common to keep up to date with everyone's posts through feeds (RSS or Atom). However, although I keep using a feed client, social networks have partly changed that, so currently many companies or people do not have their own blogs and only interact on social networks.

Up to date, I have not really liked social networks due to centralization, privacy, and loss of control issues, so currently the only social network I have been active in is LinkedIn for strictly professional networking reasons. However, this has just changed since I decided to sign up for Bluesky.


The Bluesky application is a microblogging client based on The AT (Authenticated Transfer) Protocol with a standard format for user identity, follows, and data on social apps, allowing apps to interoperate and users to move freely across them. In other words, it is a federated network with account portability.

To participate in Bluesky, you have to sign up for the waitlist at or get an invite code from someone already inside (about every 2 weeks, each Bluesky member receives a new code to invite someone to join).

An incredible feature is that you can use your own domain as your handle, which allows you to create a unique identifier throughout the network. My handle is and in this post on the Bluesky blog you can find the instructions to set your domain as your handle (you will only have to change your handle with your own domain and add a TXT record in the DNS configuration of your domain).

If you decide to join Bluesky, I invite you to follow me, and by the way, here are my current top-10 interesting accounts to follow as a reference: