Hello World

Although I have my own domain since 2007, unfortunately I have not been consistent in managing my personal blog, so there have been multiple versions over the years, like this snapshot from 2010...


I can come up with many excuses, like believing that my posts were useless (impostor syndrome), or that I should stop wasting time with hobbies and do something productive focusing in my job. Even though I can't change the past, today, more than ever, is a great opportunity for me to start a blog again, so I would like to share some of my reasons:

Creative outlet

I believe that a personal blog allows me to freely express my thoughts, ideas, and creativity. The best part of this is that one day I can write about a technical topic, but the next day I can also share what a great time I had eating "esquites" in the park.

Platform control

Many people have the perception that the platforms have been around forever and this will not change. However, we are experiencing the transition to Web 3.0, which, among other things, leads to decentralization. Some platforms offer the possibility of downloading your own information. Unfortunately, they are not compatible with other platforms, so if at any time a platform closes or just decides to delete your account for any reason (i.e. censorship), there would be a risk of not being able to easily migrate the information to another platform.

Improve story-telling & personal-branding abilities

Blogging will help me to establish an online presence and will allow me to showcase my skills, interests, and accomplishments, which can be beneficial for professional opportunities, networking, and personal branding. Having a blog also requires structuring the content in a coherent and organized manner. It will help me to develop a clear beginning, middle, and end for my stories. Practicing this structure, I'm going to enhance my ability to effectively organize my thoughts, develop storylines, and maintain a logical flow in my narratives.


A personal blog serves as a digital journal, allowing me to document my experiences, milestones, travels, and other important moments in my life. It has become a valuable archive that I can revisit in the future or share with others.

Engage with communities

A personal blog can become a hub for (re-)engaging with communities. It helps to connect with readers, facilitate interactions among community members, and create a vibrant and supportive environment. Despite not being a native English speaker, I decided to write in English because I don't want to limit myself geographically and miss out on reaching smart and interesting people all over the world.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting adventure. I promise to bring my authentic self to every post and deliver content that I hope you will find interesting and enjoyable.

Until next time,

Fernando C. Estrada